White or Ivory Wedding Shoes: Tips and Facts

Many brides are confused whether to choose white or ivory wedding shoes on their big day. They have difficulty determining where to start.

Actually, you should first determine the color of the wedding gown you would like to wear. Knowing what color is perfect for your skin tone is important. If you have a darker complexion, try to choose an ivory or off-white wedding gown. You can also try darker shades such as red, purple, etc.

After you have decided on the color of your wedding gown, it is time to choose your bridal shoes. If you chose a darker wedding gown, try to avoid white shoes. White is too bright, but ivory is more subtle. The general rule is to choose bridal shoes that are of the same shade as your wedding dress or a bit darker. You don’t want your shoes to stand out too much against your dress.

Tips When Looking for the Perfect Ivory Wedding Shoes

You should first decide on how tall you would like to be on your wedding day. This will help you determine whether to have ivory platform shoes or flat ones. You will also need to check how long your wedding gown is.

If it is longer, then consider buying medium height wedding shoes that are between 2 to 3 inches. However, you must also ask yourself if you can wear these high-heeled shoes throughout the event. Some women are not used to high-heeled shoes or stilettos. If you are one of them, then go for flat wedding shoes.

You can find designer flat wedding shoes that are not only fashionable but comfortable to wear as well. If you are worried about your long wedding gown, then consider buying two pairs of shoes – flat and high-heeled – so you can easily change to the flat ones after the wedding ceremony.

There are situations where the salesperson is confused as to what ivory-colored shoes are. Try to ask for different shades of ivory (cream, off-white or nude) and choose the ones that would be perfect for your wedding gown. You can also bring a fabric from your wedding gown to make it easier for you to find the perfect bridal shoes.

You might have heard about dye-able wedding shoes. These shoes are perfect for brides who are having difficulties in finding the right color for their wedding shoes.

To get a better feel of the shoes you are planning to wear on your wedding day, try to wear them even before the event. This will also help you get used to them. Just remember not to wear hem outdoors so they won’t get dirty.

You should also apply some non-skid sole pads to your bridal shoes to avoid slipping. Roughing up the soles is also a good idea. You can use sandpaper for this task.

A wedding is a very special occasion and you would definitely want everything to be perfect so make sure that you shop for wedding shoes at an earlier time to avoid mistakes and rushing things.

10 Things to Absolutely Remember When Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Equally as important as choosing your perfect wedding dress is choosing the right shoes for that “just right” dress to complete your wedding attire.

You might remember that a casual dress is better with a lower heeled sandal, pump or ballet slipper. While a formal gown looks better with a higher heel pump or strappy sandal.

Here are 10 tips to help you choose your wedding shoes:

1. Choose your wedding dress before you think about the shoes you will wear with it. This will give you the best chance of getting the match you want and complementing the dress to its fullest.

2. If you are wearing an unusually colored dress then consider having your shoes dyed to match; this will ensure a complete look — oh, and you should have it done by a professional.

3. Remember that if your dress is long and you would really like to wear a comfortable shoe such as a flatter bridal shoe it won’t show too much, if at all, so go ahead and do it.

4. If your dress is a shorter length a more flamboyant and glamorous shoe is a good choice to look for. Also, an ankle strap shoe helps to make your legs look longer.

5. An outdoors wedding or beach wedding is usually more informal and seems to call for sandals or wedding flip flops. Any type of heel will likely sink into the sand or soft ground.

6. When the wedding is indoors be sure and check the flooring to see if it is at all slippery. If so, you should not pick a shoe with a glossy sole.

7. You should consider the height of the groom when choosing the heel size. If he would be sensitive to your standing very tall over him go with a flatter heel.

8. Experts in footwear suggest that the best time to try on and buy shoes is in the afternoon; the reason being that feet tend to swell during the day. So try on shoes when you foot is larger, otherwise they will feel tight and uncomfortable on your wedding day.

9. After you have chosen your wedding shoes wear them a bit around the house to break them in. They will feel more comfortable after a long wedding day and will help reduce the chance of getting blisters and having them rub you raw on the big day.

10. Lastly, if you think there is any chance that your bridal shoes will become uncomfortable during the day or evening choose a second pair that you can change into for the other part of the day.

All whites are not the same shade so, if you’re wearing white, be sure to take a swatch of your white when looking for your shoes.

While most bridal shoes are made from cloth (usually white satin or silk that can be dyed to match their gowns), there isn’t any rule that says brides have to wear cloth shoes.

You can also wear leather, as long as it fits with the look of your gown.

A reminder that when shopping for your dress wear, take along a pair of shoes that is the height you will be wearing at your wedding.

Then when final alterations are made on your dress, be sure it is done with the actual wedding shoes on.

Wedding shoes are so much a part of your wedding attire that you must take your time picking them and be sure to keep the above tips in mind. Most of all have fun looking for them and wearing them on your perfect wedding day.