Flat Wedding Shoes Are The Brides Number One Choice

Some women wear stilettos confidently. They wear them to work, to the shopping mall and just about anywhere they go. For these ladies choosing high heels or platform shoes for a wedding would make perfect sense. However there are many other women who aren’t comfortable wearing shoes with five inch heels on them. Fortunately for these ladies there is a huge selection of flat wedding shoes on the market today. These shoes are a fabulous alternative to stilettos and platform shoes.

Individuals may choose wedding shoes with high heels because they seem more fitting for the occasion. However, because of the demand for flat shoes, designers have come up with many interesting and formal designs. There are flats on the market which are very decorative with appliqu├ęs, ribbons and rhinestones. There are also accessories designed to attach to wedding shoes to make them look formal and appropriate for fancy events such as weddings.

When referring to flat wedding shoes the spectrum goes far beyond a basic closed-toe shoe. This style of wedding shoes could include sandals, pumps, ballet shoes and even flip-flops. Yes shoe manufacturers are now producing wedding flip-flops. Each of these shoe styles can be bought in a variety of designs. When choosing wedding shoes with no heel, the possibilities are endless.

Flat shoes are suitable for any individual attending a wedding. Many brides wear flat shoes because they are comfortable and they simply feel better than heels. Flat shoes are perfect for the young girls in the bridal party like flower girls or junior bridesmaids. There are some very cute flat wedding shoes on the market for young girls today. High heels and platforms are not really suitable for little girls. Not only would they be uncomfortable but they’d be unsafe as well.

When shopping for wedding shoes it’s beneficial to realize there are dyeable types on the market as well. To ensure all female members of the bridal party are similarly dressed, their shoes could be dyed the same color. There are also flat wedding shoes on the market made from various materials. It may be possible to find them made from the same material as the bridesmaid’s gowns, for example silk or satin.

Shopping for wedding shoes is not at the top of everyone’s list when planning to attend a wedding. It does require consideration however at some point. If deciding on flat wedding shoes the hunt shouldn’t wait until last minute, especially if hoping to find them in a local shopping mall or shoe store. No doubt they’ll carry a selection of wedding shoes but it may be limited. The best shopping center for fabulous wedding shoes at reasonable prices is the Internet. Shopping online not only provides access to shoe stores nationally but internationally. This worldwide access provides a much larger variety of designs and styles. If hoping to find flat shoes similar to those seen in a magazine or on a television fashion show, the Internet is the best possible opportunity.

Beach Wedding Shoes – Look Before You Buy

While beach weddings seem to be the craze these days, what about beach wedding shoes? The shoes are usually the most overlooked item when planning a wedding but with a beach wedding, they get completely forgotten! This is understandable- a wedding by the sea can be a fun thing to plan and can really get those creative juices flowing. So are the wedding shoes really that important?

Beach Days

Beach wedding shoes are far more important than you think. To better understand why, let’s take a look at beach weddings themselves. Most of them are held right in the sand, with a breathtakingly blue seascape to the side. For many, this killer location forms a big part of the overall wedding ambiance. As a result, the rest of the wedding tends to be a little less formal. For example, men might opt for something more casual than a tuxedo. The atmosphere is usually a relaxed, often fun-filled one.

Because of this informal atmosphere, many people tend to dispense with the designer wedding shoes entirely. But that doesn’t mean that you can show up for the ceremony barefoot- after all, it is a wedding. So what exactly are you supposed to wear? Not only should your shoes be elegant and befitting a wedding, they should be comfortable as well. The good news is that with a little practical thinking, it’s easy to decide on the perfect beach footwear.

Sand, Surf And Sun

Instead of focusing on designer bridal shoes right now, let’s take a look back at some famous ‘walks on the beach’ scenes from your favorite movies. In a number of them, you’ll notice that the woman is carrying her shoes in her hand. What kind of shoes are they? Not high heels- that’s because these are the worst things to wear when you are on the beach. It is next to impossible to walk in ankle-deep sand in high heels. You can safely rule them out as your shoe of choice for the beach wedding.

A good pair of beach wedding shoes should be sand-friendly- that means they shouldn’t keep filling up with sand each time you walk. Avoid any shoes that have a closed toe- your best bet is to find something like a pair of flip-flops. These are light, easy to wear and they are perfect for walking on the beach.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss flip flops as being way too casual for beach wedding shoes. You can find a range of flip flops made with different materials- they aren’t always hot pink with a black rubber sole! You can find some elegant sandals that have exquisitely crafted thongs. There are also some wonderful shoes made out of woven material- the perfect complement to an elegant summer dress. It’s easy to find the perfect pair of beach wedding shoes when you know what you’re looking for.

Beach wedding shoes are far more important than you think. To better understand why, let’s take a look at beach weddings themselves. You can logon to weddings-marriages to read more information on designer bridal shoes